How to care
1. To care for silver, use professional jewelry cleaner such as polishing wipes. They are used for both silver and gold.

2. After cleaning jewelry without stones, they should be thoroughly washed with running water, dried and rubbed with a napkin.

3. Jewelry with stones should be cleaned so that the product does not get onto the stone since a chemical reaction can permanently spoil the natural stone!

4. Jewelry with stones, after cleaning, should be wiped with a wet cotton pad to remove excess cleaning polish. Water should not fall onto the gems!

5. This is especially true for rings with light and transparent stones (rhinestone, rose quartz, etc.). Do not get them wet! The darkening of the silver that the water will cause on the substrate will be visible through the transparent stone, making it seem clouded and this, unfortunately, cannot be corrected.

6. Do not store silver and gold/gilding together. This metal is oxidized.

7. Do not carry jewelry in a bag/pocket without a protective bag or box.

8. Before you put the jewelry in the box, be sure to clean it.

The jewelry should avoid contact with water, cosmetics (cream, spray, hairspray, perfumes, etc.), and household chemicals.

With the proper care, your jewelry will please you longer!

The warranty covers free cleaning of Ryzhenkov jewelry for 3 months.

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