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Do you want to bring really beautifully unique souvenirs from Russia that your friends will love?

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Our jewelry will show your friends the real Russian soul and the country's mesmerizing culture.

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Limited Collection
"KILKA" pendant
by Ryzhenkov & Чума Vecherinka
"KILKA" earrings

by Ryzhenkov & Чума Vecherinka
About Us
We combine art and jewelry to make sense of familiar things.

Pavel Ryzhenkov has been creating uniquely exquisite jewelry since 1999. He has managed to work with many different types of jewelry and architecture, from the modernization of watch mechanisms to the design of Orthodox shrines.

The existence of every Ryzhenkov jewelry creation owes itself to the founder, designer and creator, Pavel Ryzhenkov. Thousands of our clients know him for incomparable quality and leadership in innovation.

He is legendary for meticulous craftsmanship for Ryzhenkov designer jewelry creations.

Reflecting on the celebration of your most precious moments, Ryzhenkov jewelry designs are masterpieces to treasure forever.
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